Austin, Texas Sober Pals Meetup

Join us for the first ever Sober Pals meetup, a whole weekend where a bunch of sober pals get together to explore Austin, Texas and having the best freaking time – SOBER! We’ll be doing all kinds of cool stuff (and trying tons of NEW stuff) both around the city and in the great outdoors.

The ATX meetup is FREE for anyone to join, you just need to cover your own expenses including food, travel, and lodging. We have a few campsites on McKinney State Park reserved for our crew, but you are welcome to stay at a nearby hotel, AirBNB, or under a bridge for all I care. Just keep it comfy, eh?

If you struggle with making new friends and having fun sober, then you HAVE to join because what better place to practice than at an awesome meetup with awesome people who GET IT! Trust me, we’re going to laugh a LOT! Plus you’ll leave feeling like a baddie because you’ll have tried tons of cool new stuff like kayaking, paddle boarding, climbing, and even going out to a BAR without drinking (it’s a dry bar but who cares!)

The point is…..we may be sober, but we still like to have hella fun. Let’s do it together.



3pm: campsite check-in starts (if you’re camping in McKinney).

5pm: Meet somewhere where we can all introduce each other and high five!

6pm: Dinner somewhere BOMB (with vegan/veggie options)

8pm: Sans Bar PARTYYYYY (to learn more about Sans Bar click here)


7am: Yoga with Meech (our amazing Yogi hails from San Diego, look her up on Instagram at @meecheers)

10am: We will have TWO activity options for Saturday (exact meeting locations TBA)

  1. Meet at trailheads to hike something BEAUTIFUL. We will have 2-3 hike options for people of all hiking levels!
  2. Meet on Lady Bird Lake  to paddleboard & kayak

2pm: Lunch at the Picnic Food Truck Lot

3-6pm: Split up and explore Austin however we want

6pm: Dinner and “drinks” at the main campsite. Bring your own food, but we’ll bring the DIET DR. PEPPER CREAM SODA!

7pm: Fireside chat by the campfire where we’ll have some version of a meeting (not AA related) during which we’ll share about our journey with addiction and recovery and laugh about how we used to pass out on front lawns (good times!).


7am: Yoga with Meech

9am – 11am – Camp checkout, saying goodbyes! (Check out is 11am)

10am: Climbing with The Phoenix

noon: For anyone who is lingering, we’re thinking some fun activities in the afternoon. We’ll probably decide over the weekend what that will be!

SIGN-UP SHEET (so I can get a general head count)

Reddit Thread where we’re planning and discussing the meetup

Places to rent camping gear:


P.s. If the thought of coming gives you crazy social anxiety …. GOOD, that just means you are normal human being! lol.

Trust me, we ALL struggle with re-learning how to be social in sobriety. We WANT to be the fun-loving person we were when we drank, and trust me, YOU ARE, but that doesn’t just magically happen. You have to put in some EFFORT and be WILLING to get outside your comfort zone. LUCKILY everyone at this meetup not only gets it, but WE ALL FEEL THE SAME WAY. We’re all anxious about hanging out with new people. We’re all awkward AF. So we might as well do it together.

Plus what better place to practice for the REAL WORD (aka weddings, baby showers, etc) than by pushing yourself to come to this meetup?

I promise you won’t regret it. I’m SO proud of you!!!