Introducing Sober Holiday Activity Sheets!

Activity sheets for sober adults who are just trying to stay sober AF (and laugh a little) through the holidays.

Between unlimited booze, frustrating family members, too much free time, seeing people from our past, social anxiety, and MORE – staying sober over the holidays can feel overwhelming AF!

That’s why I created these Sober Holiday Activity Sheets.

This downloadable, print-at-home PDF features 30 pages of writing prompts, doodle ideas, puzzles, projects, and plenty of f-bombs. These hilarious activity sheets will encourage you, make you laugh, and remind you why staying sober is totally worth it!

And all for the cost of one happy hour drink (and we all know how much we used to spend on those — ugh).

Don’t forget to tag @yoursoberpal when you share your finished sheets online!

Much love and thanks for supporting a sober pal this holiday season!